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Curso de formadores en Educación No Formal

Desde Inercia Digital y en colaboración de la Universidad de Huelva ofrecemos este curso, en cooperación con el Proyecto Europeo Digital Innovations for Growth Academy  (DIGA), para invitar a aquellos formadores del área empresarial, investigadores y educadores interesados en el uso de las TICs a seguir profundizando en sus conocimientos y habilidades digitales.

The course is divided into the next parts: 

- Introduction.

- Part I: In the first part you will find general theoretical guidelines for the management of the organization and the training process.  

              - Structure and management. 

              - Organizational structure.

              - Manager - Activities 

- Part II: The second part contains practical guidelines, based on the requirements of ISO 29990:2010. 

- Annexes contain procedures, forms and guidance documents which in their completeness present a management system compliant with the requirements of ISO 29990:2010.

QUASER – “Transparent qualifications for boosting the quality of services addressed to asylum seekers and refugees” is a project co-funded by the European Commission, under Erasmus + Programme/ Key Action 2 Startegic Partnership.